Hunter’s Moon


Volo Bog, Illinois
With Hamza Walker, Nena Samardzija, Matthew Owens, Sam Wittreich,
Donna Schudel, Doug Stapleton, Barbara Laing, and Sir Laddie.
Photo credit: Deb Becker, Barbara Laing, and Joan Dickinson

Shrouded woman with two babies; cat; kampa, whose outward manifestation is trembling; vagina dentata, glossolalia, gateway; Bright Phase

Crone; wolf; ashru, whose outward manifestation is tears; fever, redeem; Sound Bends; subliminally perceived differences between fonts in a typeface

Fireboy; dog; vaivarnya, whose outward manifestation is change of color; begin, martyrdom, pine; The Land of Moab

Sir Laddie; horse; sveda, whose outward manifestation of perspiration; thicket, horns, apple; Secluded Nomads

Truck couple; bat; nine shades of green;
honey moon, painted beast

Farmer; fox; pralaya, whose outward manifestation is loss of consciousness; banish, clotted; Pinch Me Quickly

Mudgirl; hawk; stambha, whose outward manifestation is insensibility; traveler, strolling entertainer; Cherish Memoir

Pregnant woman; fish; sarva, whose outward manifestation is the inability to speak; increase, bread, corn; Hold Home

Gorilla; bee; romancha, whose outward manifestation is hairs standing on end; virginia, security, preservation; Lucid and True



Volo Bog, Illinois
with Aurelia Ste. George, Nena Samardzija, Margaret Hoffman,
Matthew Owens, and Sam Wittreich.

Bogs. Meadows. Old-growth forests. Pinkham Island, Maine. The North Sea between Staffa and Iona. Sand dunes. Tallgrass prairies. Gravity. Moon phases with preferences for crescents, new, and full moons. Meinrad Craighead because of dogs. Henry David Thoreau because he never mentioned the tuberculosis. Lenor Fini. Ana Mendieta. Patti Smith. Joe Cocker. Chrissie Hynde. Terrence Malick because of the way he films light. Lin Hixson. Jane Bowles. Susan Griffin. Walker. P.L. Travers. Ingmar Bergman. Anne Carson. Agnes Varda. Lucy Lippard. Joan by way of Carl Theodor Dreyer. Andrei Tarkovsky. Jane Eyre. Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm. Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi. bell hooks. May Sarton. Helene Cixous. Remedios Varo’s translations of science. Andrew Wyeth’s illustrations of mysteries. Joseph Beuys. Maria Sabina. Sabina Spielrein because of children. Death. Poverty. Deflation hollows. Singing sand. Sinter mounds.Fairy rings. Ranunculus. Miles Davis and the Faraway Santa Monica. 96 Tears. A Stick of Green Candy. Rose Mellie Rose. Barbara Walker. Mary Dougherty. Prayer. Sleep. Dream. Double rainbow. American Rockabilly. Audre Lorde for her essay about “the” erotic. Joy Williams. Laura Mullen. Toni Morrison. Virginia Woolf. James Baldwin because he let himself be photographed in his underwear. Djuna Barnes and Emily Dickinson because they are not related. Charlotte Salomon. Walter Benjamin. James Grigsby because he lived in a greenhouse. Marija Gimbutas because of language. The monastery at Iona because it is hard to get to. Ceremony. Psychoanalysis. Sacré couer. Queen Anne’s Lace. Deserts of the American west especially Utah's. Blood. Snow. Rain. Rivers. Apples. Lacrismosa. Thistle. Primrose. Sage. Lemon balm. Mint. Bottlebrush. Sea Holly. Witch Hazel. Lavender. Chamomile. Genet. Verbena. Violets. Rosemary. Parsley. Poppies. Falconetti. Roses. Anonymity. Secrets. Black Madonna. Swimming. Walking. Snakes. Toads. Difficult insects. Terra. Mary. Astrologers. Psychics. Fortune tellers. Healers. Liars. People who live within abandoned places (who call abandonment home) i.e. silos, barns, sheds, cabins, mounds, caves, tree hollows, stables, under bridges. Crete. France. Italy. China. Africa. The Isle of Skye. Family members easier to love because they’re dead and gone. Hildegard of Bingen. Nina Simone. Maria Callas. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Medea. Lake Michigan. Bees. The farmlands of Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois. Chicago. Kansas. Nora. Old trees and gardens. Antarres. Spica. The low sun on either side of the day. Love. Cast off parts: hair, outer skins, horns, feathers. Other cast offs: Intervals. Prior replacements. Milk. Claws. Petals. Children. The time it takes to leave. The time it takes to return. Earth.

The Architecture of Honey


Volo Bog, Illinois
with Pam Holt, Lorraine Moretti, Matthew Owens, Samuel Wittreich,
Paula Biasi, Penna Brooke, Brenda Duran, Gail Haus, Jeni Lorenz,
Carla Mayer, Cara Chang Mutert, Rayshan Rascoe, and Nena Samardzija.
Hand-colored photograph of C.L. Forrester: Barbara Laing

In the late 19th century, a large silver vessel was unearthed in a small, pot-shaped peat bog, located on the northern end of Borre Fen near Gundestrup, Jutland, Denmark. The vessel became known as the Gundestrup Cauldron and is considered the finest example of a Celtic ritual vessel in existence. The meaning of the picture-world depicted on the plates that form the bowl can only be imagined. Its use is sacrificial, and even when it was disassembled and carefully buried in the bog some 2,000 years ago, few outside an initiated priesthood would have understood its language. The pictures tell of a world where goddesses and gods, cult processionals, and scenes of bloodletting must have served as welcome relief to the harsh, workaday life of Iron Age Denmark. The year the cauldron was found, 1891, that hard life was remarkably unchanged. In August of that year, Anna Thomine, a farmer’s daughter raised on the cauldron’s land, moved to Illinois.



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