13 Moon is a twelve-year calendar created from six performances. The public dates for the performances were linked to natural occurrences: sun and moon alignments, the autumnal equinox, the trajectory of a falling star, or the haze in the sky produced by a harvest. I came to understand the connection between this phenomena and language, later researching the ways in which various cultures named full moons linking those names to words that interested me – murmur, invocation, returning, devotion, faithful, voluptuary, lamentation, tender, temporal, travelers. But also, by belonging to a time and place, these words represented the systems found within, not only my work, but the place over the time of my attention.



Photography, text, and design © Joan Dickinson


Boxcar Devotion Pretty Pretty Pretty Over There Too Thirteen Moon Dove Road Flower Atmosphere With all that She is She Desires to Give ... Hunter's Moon The Dream of the Owl Sisters
In the Palace of the Night Heron ZephyrZephyr The Architecture of Honey Cooking School of the Air Adjustment The Dream of the Owl Sisters Drove Road Other Work Labyrinth The Charioteer

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