The Cooking School of the Air
(2012) is an illustrated novel, libretto, and screenplay based on a story––the death from pneumonia of her older sister––that my mother repeated with major and minor variations throughout my life and hers. In the summer of 2011, in researching that story in relationship to historical events and figures, I discovered an irregularity in record keeping that lead me to question whether my aunt had, in fact, died from pneumonia or something less natural. To solve the mystery, I turned, first, to the Hopkins Medical Chart kept by my grandmother as she tended to her sick daughter over the four days that it took Patricia to die. I used that medical chart along with various astrological practices, especially the Arabic Lots or Parts (a system developed in the Middle East to describe the spaces between planets and stars), to construct a series of horary astrological charts depicting events in Pat’s life related to love, death, and reincarnation. The libretto has been performed at a mountainside temple built along sidereal astrological principles located outside of Boulder, Colorado.

The Cooking School of the Air

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